11/05/2016 — Bruno Ramos Mendonça

A Fraïssé-Hintikka theorem for LFIs:

In this talk we show that in QmbC it holds a result analogous to Fraïssé-Hintikka theorem for classical logic. Firstly, we define partial isomorphism between models of QmbC. Finally, we prove that there is partial isomorphism of lenght k between models of QmbC if and only if both agree in any formula A with prefix of quantifiers of lenght at most k such that every quantifier occurring in A outside the scope of that prefix of quantifiers is in the scope of a negation or a consistency operator. Our central motivation is to be able to, with this result in hand, classify inconsistent formulas in the language of QmbC, result that we still did not achieve.

Keywords: Fraïssé-Hintikka theorem; Logics of formal inconsistency; QmbC; Partial isomorphism.